Pentatonic - Batch #4

Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with MANHATTAN cocktail inspiration

10% ABV
Barrels: Old Forester Bourbon
Bottled on April 29, 2018

From the Bottle: 

“This beer started out as an idea; to meld a complex barrel aged stout with elements of a classic cocktail. To help it really sing, we enlisted our friends over at The Grocery Cocktail & Social, who jam proficiently in the genre of composing innovative and classic cocktails. Following everyone’s favorite musical scale, we blended 5 extra elements to add harmony and nuance to this orchestrated collaboration.”

From the Brewer:

“This beer spent years as a concept of mine. From my time spent bartending and brewing, came an idea to make my favorite cocktail into a beer. I tossed dozens of ideas around while trying to figure out what the best method would be to make this work. The eventual conclusion was to find some really tasty bourbon barrels, age some stout and then add the rest of the components of the cocktail shortly before packaging. After the barrel aging seemed complete we were then faced with a big problem… what were we going to add to the beer to finish its transformation? We knew we weren’t just going to add bitters and vermouth (partly because it’s not legal). This is where we brought in Salty from The Grocery Cocktail & Social. His intimate knowledge of cocktails and their base components made all the difference in the world. So with an idea in hand, we went to work. There are some days that are just better than others. Like the day we explored the many different herbs, spices and dried fruits that would make this beer come to life. Days of prep and hours of smelling and tasting, we had finally come up with a winning blend to make that original idea, from years ago, a reality!

I have said it before, but Brothers Cascadia continues to prove to me that our brewery would not be the same without everyone around us. It is a unique melting pot of all the people that continually help us create, innovate and progress forward. The idea of Brothers Cascadia was conceived many years ago in a garage while brewing a relatively small amount of beer on a propane burner. That idea of making the best beer we possibly could has stayed with us the whole way, but something we didn’t see coming was the evolution of our idea into something more organic and rewarding. If you are reading this, then you have undoubtably effected that change, this “evolution”. Brothers Cascadia started as our small and naive idea to start a business and that has transformed into a brewery (and community) that is as much yours as it is ours. Thank you.

Jason Bos

Head Brewer / Co-Owner