From family and friends to brewers and other industry professionals, we have countless people to thank for all kinds of support in getting this project off the ground.

We'd like to offer special thanks to the folks who took the leap to get in on the ground floor of this thing. You are all a huge part of the backbone of Brothers Cascadia.


Cheers! Skol! Slainte!


Tier I: Barley

Liza Powers & Rob Taylor
Bob Lonnee
Summar Maddock
Ted Parry
Brett Hockley
Glenn Kutzera
Roxy Freeman
Natasha & Seth Baxter
Elaine Hilbert & Dan Denny
Lee Aspaas
Ed Greer
Meghan Humphreys & Will Johnson
Courtney Esparza
Lindsay Langley
Nick Bare
Gerald G. Alvarez
David Hart 
Noel Donahue
Kevin Alvarez
Bob Serdar
Martina & Nicky Viray
Kitrina "Kit" DePaolo
Denise Enriquez
Megan O'Connor
Mark O'Connor


Tier II: Wort

Gerry White 
Paul White
Kevin Blair
Beatrix Zenger & John Block
Walter Jensen
Brett Jones
Aaron Rinta
Jim & Jamie Renner


Tier III: Hops

Doug Rauch
Cara Ellis
Brad Edgerton
Matthew Schreiber
Rick Domine
Danielle Woodard
John & April Hatfield
Chris & Martha Bruer
Patrick Lilly
Dallas Martin
Jason Miles
Lee Rutherford
Jim Early
Julie Witt & Dirk Martin
David Soderberg
Kelsey & Kim MacKinnon
Rob & Erica Pollock
Shane Testerman 
Kevin Foster
Joseph Elliott
Justin Walker
Kristina Nelson
Jared Noss