The People's Pilsner- Traditional Czech-Style Pilsner     5.5% ABV

This beer has a delightful fresh baked bread aroma intermingled with gentle noble hop character. The Beautiful floor-malted barley we used gives this beer awesome flavor while keeping it extremely easy to drink. 


JP's Meetinghouse- Brown Ale     5% ABV

Complex bouquet of roasty aromas accented with a hint of coffee. This beer derives it's bold and unique flavor and color from the heavy use of brown malt (or snap malt). An awesome beer on it's own and also one of our favorite for pairing with food-- from steak to bbq, to anything spicy, and beyond.


Best Day Ever- Session IPA     4.75% ABV

Our India Session Ale will have you second guess that you are drinking a beer under 5%. Juicy aromas blend together citrus and tropical fruits. With its nice smooth, light body and gentle bitterness, this beer fits any occasion where you want all the flavor of your favorite IPA but a little lighter ABV.


BCB IPA- Pacific NW-Style IPA     6.7% ABV

We didn't hold back anywhere with this IPA, especially in the large additions of Mosaic, Amarillo and Simcoe hops in the boil and the fermenter. Its balanced body sets the perfect stage for this hoppy delicacy.




With inspiration hailing from the Far East, our Asian style lager balances experimentation with drinkability. True to its roots, we included some rice in the mash and extended the lagering time to add to the crisp and full flavor of this beer while still keeping it very light. This beer will pair nicely with most any food but can also stand all on its own, just like The Bride.


Molly Pitcher- Pre-Prohibition Style AMERICAN Lager     4.5% ABV


Our ode to the great lager as it was here in the States before Prohibition shut down most commercial brewing from 1920-1933, and to "The Molly Pitcher Club"- that wonderful and dedicated group of women who worked tirelessly to help repeal Prohibition. Fuller in both body and flavor than most the lagers produced later, ours is still an eminently drinkable, golden crowd-pleaser. BCB's version starts with a balanced, bread-like aroma that leads into a light and refreshing corn and wheat backbone, and crisp finish with just the slightest kiss of citrusy hops. Lucky Lager, one of our favorites that didn't adapt its brew to the paler, mass-produced lagers that followed the repeal of Volstead, had a prominent brewery right in Vancouver from 1950-1985. Sit back and enjoy a "light" beer as your Great Grandmama would have 100 years ago.


You Like 'a da juice- New England Style IPA     6.5% ABV

'You Like 'A Da Juice' is our rendition of a New England style IPA. Cloudy, lush, and extremely refreshing, it starts off with a massive punch of juicy, citrusy hops. Bold aromas of orange, tangerine, and tropical stone fruits envelope the senses, leading into a soft palate that is fruity and balanced. Very low bitterness keeps this beer extremely sessionable, allowing all of its other bold characteristics to stand out.

Try the Fresh Hop version of 'Da Juice!

We have very limited quantities of YLADJ dry-hopped with fresh El Dorados from our friends down at Crosby! Danker, fruitier, juicier, hoppier; we're sure you'll LOVE 'a da Juice!


De eerste- American Sour Golden Ale     6% ABV

In the native language of our Belgian brewing comrades, De Eerste (meaning The First) is our maiden mixed culture sour beer that came mostly from a bottle share we had months before we even opened. We took dregs of over 40 different bottles of awesome sour beer and propagated that culture over the next month or so.  We added that special combination of yeast and bacteria to 2 red wine barrels and waited. The resulting blend brings to mind green mango and underripe tropical fruits.



Seasonal rotating cider(s)

TOOLEY BENDER-   Pineapple

FINN RIVER-  Black Currant




 Here at BCb, we never want to lose focus on creating the best beer that we can, so we made the decision to forgo a kitchen for a partnership with our friends at hazel dell commons.

Look for a steady diet of delicious grub; food carts that we dig and that we feel go well with our handcrafted beer. the schedule below is for our more regular carts; be sure to check out the hazel dell commons site for special events and special guests. Cheers!

Food Cart Schedule.png