Why do you brew beer?

It’s the passion and love for beer. I love how scientific it is, yet how much artistry is involved in making a truly great beer. I love to be able to drink a beer and think about what ingredients went into it and how they achieved the flavor that they were going for. I love that brewery scene is such a community of great people that are always helping each other out and having a great time doing it.

What drew you to opening a small business?

Having the freedom to brew what I want. To be able to provide a place where everyone has a lot of knowledge and passion for beer. Plus there is no limit on what we can do and how far we can go and what direction we want to take it.

What is your background in the industry?

I served at Laurelwood and Northwood for a total of almost 7 years and brewed at Northwood on their nano system for about 2 years all the while spending my spare time going to breweries and drinking great beer.

If you had several million dollars, what would you do?

After making sure that my family was set (they want a farm with a miniature petting zoo!), I would take time to explore my other passions. I would finally get my pilots license and buy a plane. I would be hiking, camping, rock climbing and mountaineering as much as I could. Not with out great craft beer I assure you! I would travel with family and friends as much as possible. Id love to do European brewery and history tour as well as hit all my favorite breweries here in the US. Then open more breweries and concentrate on helping our communities and other various charities.

What is your favorite place to drink/support locally?

It is impossible to narrow it down to just one with all the amazing breweries and tap houses in our area. If I had to choose one it would have to be Northwood. Eric was a huge help to us and really understands what it takes to have some of the best, most loyal regulars. He gave us a great place to work, an outlet for us to be creative brewers, he is a great friend and beer mentor, and his passion for the business and his drive to always bring in great beer has been a great influence on me.

What is your favorite beer that BCB will have on Tap and why?

This is yet to be determined but I’m particularly excited for our barrel program. The complexity, artistry and amount of time put into these beers will be fun.

Best new beer to try that isn't BCB?

Right now I’m just looking out for anything from Block 15 and anything from DeGarde.

What can we look forward to in the next few years from BCB?

Quality, consistency, knowledge and friendly professionalism.