Helles Lager.jpg

Brothers Cascadia Helles Lager 4.5% ABV

A traditional light lager hailing from Munich Germany, we were inspired to tackle this particularly complex beer. From the highest quality ingredients to the extended lagering time, we made every effort to create a crushable lager that is as exciting as it is drinkable



This beer has a delightful fresh baked bread aroma intermingled with gentle noble hop character. The Beautiful floor-malted barley we used gives this beer awesome flavor while keeping it extremely easy to drink.



Complex bouquet of roasty aromas accented with a hint of coffee. This beer derives it's bold and unique flavor and color from the heavy use of brown malt (or snap malt). An awesome beer on it's own and also one of our favorite for pairing with food-- from steak to bbq, to anything spicy, and beyond.

NW IPA.jpg

Best Day Ever - IPA 4.75%

Our session IPA will have you second guess that you are drinking a beer under 5%. Juicy aromas blend together citrus and tropical fruits. A nice smooth and light body with a gentle bitterness. This beer fits any occasion where you want all the flavor of your favorite IPA but a little lighter ABV.

NW IPA.jpg

Bold as love- Pacific NW Style IPA 7% ABV

We didn't hold back anywhere with this IPA, especially in the large additions of Mosaic, Amarillo and Simcoe hops in the boil and the fermenter. Its balanced body sets the perfect stage for this hoppy delicacy.


You Like 'a da juice- New England Style IPA 6.5% ABV

'You Like 'A Da Juice' is our rendition of a New England style IPA. Cloudy, lush, and extremely refreshing, it starts off with a massive punch of juicy, citrusy hops. Bold aromas of orange, tangerine, and tropical stone fruits envelope the senses, leading into a soft palate that is fruity and balanced. Very low bitterness keeps this beer extremely sessionable, allowing all of its other bold characteristics to stand out.


Allegro W/ Blackberries sour ale 4.5% ABV

Perfect crushable sour for the summer!

Absence of color.jpg

Absence of color - stout 6.1% ABV

This beer starts off with a strong whiff of milk chocolate and roasted barley. It’s dark opaque color clearly matching its aroma. Flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and toasted bread envelope the sense. A moderately full body lets the flavors linger


Scandanavian smackdown - Kveik hazy ipa 5.7% ABV

One of the newer trends of the ever popular Hazy IPA is to use fun/new yeast strains to accomplish fermentation. One that tops the list is a yeast that was originally used to ferment Scandinavian Farmhouse Ales known as Kveik. It has a unique ability to ferment beers at an aggressively warm temperature which pushes a large and unique bouquet of fruity aromas. 

This beer also had large amounts of Australian Summer and PNW Amarillo hops to really push the tropical fruit and citrus flavors that the Kveik yeast was already giving the beer.

NW IPA.jpg

Brothers and Sisters - pale ale 5.4% ABV

Crushable pale ale brewed with our friends at the Brew Bevy for Vancouver Brewfest.

NW IPA.jpg

Super squishee bender - ipa 6.5% ABV

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